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Train the Trainer 1: The Basics of Training


Joy Birmingham, Associate Director; L&OD

For employees of Duke University and DUHS Continuing Education Credits (CEUs): 0.6 Please note this is the first session of a three-part series. Whether you are an experienced trainer or an "occasional" trainer helping peers informally, this course is designed to learn the Basics of Training. Adult Learning Principles are the guide-posts for anyone developing a 10-minute microlearning activity or a 2-day scientific course. The difference between working with children and working with adults in the classroom is significant! Adults must be involved in their own learning journey and have the opportunity to practice new skills, apply new knowledge and receive feedback in order to grow personally and professionally. This hands-on workshop includes lecture, role-play, small group skills practice, and guided small and large group discussion to reinforce the learning.


Teaching & Classroom Learning, Training, Workshop/Short Course