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Leading Through Generational Differences (in-person)


Wanda J. Smith, Ph.D

For employees of Duke University and DUHS Continuing Education Credits (CEUs): 0.3 Location: 402 Oregon St. Shaner, Room 102 Please note that this is an in-person session Today's workforce may be the first to include four different generations working together on shared economic and organizational goals. Generational differences are bound to create employee conflicts in many organizations, with each generation having its own preferences, expectations and preferred communication methods. Managing or supervising a team of employees in this environment will challenge the best of leaders, even before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Subsequent events influenced significant change in every workplace; the pandemic further heightened the Great Resignation and Great Retirement that led to the shortage of employees in most fields. This workshop will uncover the "new" behaviors and attitudes linked to the varying generations as employees contemplate returning to a more "normal" workplace post-pandemic.


Teaching & Classroom Learning, Training, Workshop/Short Course