Update on Implementation of SuccessFactors Recruitment, Hiring and Onboarding System

 June 16, 2019

TO:Vice Presidents, Vice Provosts, Deans, Directors, Department Heads, and Managers
FROM:Todd Orr, Associate Vice President, Administrative Systems
RE:Update on Implementation of SuccessFactors Recruitment, Hiring and Onboarding System

As has been previously communicated, SAP SuccessFactors recruitment, hiring and onboarding system will be available on Monday, June 17. However, due to issues in the conversion of data to SuccessFactors, existing candidates will NOT be associated with requisitions for which they previously applied.  Below is an outline of what will happen on Monday, June 17:

  • Recruiters and hiring managers will see all open requisitions in SuccessFactors, but no applicants will be associated with the requisitions.
  • An email will be sent to all candidates on Monday morning requesting them to log into SuccessFactors, reset their password, resubmit their resume and reapply for all positions to which they had previously applied. Once they have reapplied, the candidates will be available for recruiters to screen and forward as appropriate to hiring managers. This process will occur over several days as candidates reapply in the new system.
  • The SuccessFactors Job Board will be available on Monday, June 17 for candidates to apply to all open and posted requisitions.
  • SuccessFactors Onboarding for faculty, staff and student hires be available on June 17.

The issues encountered will not impact the ability to process hires in process in SAP, interview candidates already scheduled, or work with candidates in requisitions that will not be converted to SuccessFactors.

We apologize for any inconvenience this delay may cause, but it necessary to ensuring a smooth and successful transition to SuccessFactors for recruiters and hiring managers. Administrative Management Systems and Human Resources staff have been working around the clock through the weekend, partnering with the vendor to resolve the issues.

Additional communication updates will be provided as issues are resolved. Thank you for your continued support on this important implementation.