Procedures for Package Delivery for Non-Patient Care Areas

 March 23, 2020

TO:Vice Presidents, Vice Provosts, Deans, Directors, Department Heads, and Managers
FROM:Jane Pleasants, Vice President, Procurement & Supply Chain Management
RE:Procedures for Package Delivery for Non-Patient Care Areas

Last week, Procurement Services established a new process for package delivery due to controlled access to buildings on campus. Below are details for how this process will work for non-patient care operations only. This process does not impact any of the procedures related to orders or receiving for patient care operations.

To support the Duke campus during this time:

  • A central receiving location has been set up by the Procurement Office at the Golden Warehouse. 
  • Federal Express, UPS, and other carriers have been informed and will be coordinating deliveries in accordance with the plan below.  
  • The Golden Warehouse is staffed from 8AM – 4:30 PM, Monday – Friday, and will be receiving and storing shipments until buildings are opened up.
  • Please follow the procedures below to have your package retrieved.

Beginning Wednesday March 25, the following procedures will be in place for all Duke University building shipments except for those labs conducting essential research. Prior to March 25, vendors will attempt to deliver to all locations. If they are unable to access the building they will then deliver to the Golden Drive Warehouse.

For labs conducting essential research or for specific offices identified by individual schools, each school will gather the necessary contact information to post at the loading docks so that the normal deliveries can continue.

  • Transportation vendor will deliver all shipments to Golden Warehouse and will be held until later retrieval.
  • Packages will NOT be returned to vendor/sender.

What you can expect from the receiving team at Golden Warehouse

  1. Upon receipt of the shipment at Golden, the receiving team will contact the owner first attempt by phone then by email of the shipment to inform them of the receipt and confirm if it should remain in storage.  If it is an urgent item, pick up or delivery will be arranged. If the owner is unable to be contacted, the shipment will be logged and remain in storage
  2. If shipment references a Purchase Order in SAP, the receiving team will document receipt in the receiving note section within the Purchase Order.
  3. Shipments will be logged in and assigned to a location within Golden Warehouse for easy retrieval.
  4. Upon reopening of the Duke Campus, all shipments that have been stored will be delivered to the original/intended ship to locations.

How do you contact the receiving team at Golden Warehouse?

Should you need to inquire about a package that you have confirmed has arrived at the Golden Warehouse via the tracking number, please follow the steps below:

  1. Email indicating the Purchase Order number (if available), tracking #, Vendor, departmental contact information/recipient’s name,  the carrier if you know it, and the building address to which it was originally intended to ship.

    These identifiers will assist in timely location of the item.
  2. Once the inquiry has been made, the package will be located and the receiving team will inform you of picking up / delivery details.

Please do not go to the warehouse without having made arrangements for a pick-up.

Special Instructions for Research Labs


If you require Air Gas deliveries, place the order as normal and deliveries will happen as they normally due, if delivery location is locked, there will need to be someone there to let them in. If you have questions or need assistance please contact Ed Sharpe

Dry Ice

VWR will move to consolidate Dry Ice pick-up to one central location effective Monday, March 23, and until labs reopen - with the exception of labs conducting essential research.

Dry Ice will be housed in the VWR storeroom in A16 LSRC building.

To have your Dry Ice delivery continue to be made to your lab or your building dock, email

To cancel or hold your Dry Ice delivery email

Animals and Animal Supplies

Deliveries will take place as usual. DLAR will be open to maintain care of the animals.

Instructions on animal care during this time period are located at


The VWR storeroom in LSRC will be closed, except for appointments, see below. Below are the details on how VWR will deliver to essential labs starting Wednesday March 25:

  • Beginning immediately, VWR drivers will require a signature for all deliveries, ensuring social distancing to obtain the signature.
  • If no one is present for the initial delivery attempt, VWR will return the product to the VWR Campus Storeroom in A16 LSRC Bldg and contact the person who ordered and let them know that delivery was unsuccessful and options
  • VWR will hold the product in the storeroom for 48 hours, during which time customers can pick up the product by appointment.  To arrange an appointment to pick up product from the storeroom or to have it delivered from the offsite facility, please email
  • After the 48 hour period, the product will be transferred to an offsite warehouse for safekeeping until the lab is ready to receive.
  • For any other questions regarding deliveries, please contact, or any other VWR representative.

Refrigerated Items

Refrigerated items delivered to Golden Warehouse will be kept in a refrigerator/freezer; however, this is for short term only. All chilled items delivered are considered urgent, and the lab needs to make arrangements to receive them quickly.

Services for Equipment Failures

Lab personnel should contact the vendor and coordinate an appointment at the lab.

Equipment Deliveries should all be redirected as follows:

100 Golden Drive
Durham, NC 27705

School specific contacts if there are issues: If you have essential research needs please work with the appropriate contact person listed below so that special arrangements can be made: