Preparing for Hurricane Impact on Campus

 September 12, 2018

TO: Vice Presidents, Vice Provosts, Deans, Directors, Department Heads, and Managers
FROM: Kyle Cavanaugh, Vice President for Administration, Emergency Coordinator
RE: Preparing for Hurricane Impact on Campus

The latest models from the National Weather Service indicate Hurricane Florence has slowed and shifted slightly southward. It is now expected to make landfall on the coast on Friday morning. Impact on the Triangle area will likely be later Friday and into Saturday.

The threat of high winds between 58 to 73 mph and heavy rains between 5 to 7 inches remain for the Durham area on Friday and Saturday. Isolated flooding, downed trees and power outages are expected for the area.

There has been concerted effort by many across Duke to help prepare the campus to weather the storm, but we also ask each department to also take the following precautionary steps:

  • Close and secure all windows in buildings,
  • Remove or secure any outdoor furniture or loose outdoor items,
  • Report any flooding or property damage immediately to the appropriate maintenance unit: Facilities for the university campus, and Engineering & Operations for Duke Hospital and the School of Medicine

During the storm, individuals are asked to remain indoors to avoid falling trees and limbs or downed electrical lines. Any potential safety-related issues, such as downed trees or power lines, should be reported to the Duke University Police Department, 919-684-2444. Unless a situation is life threatening, crews may wait until after dangerous winds have subsided before responding.

Duke and GoTriangle buses plan to continue to operate as long as it is safe to do so. Once winds reach 35 mph, bus service will be suspended.

The Durham Convention and Visitors Bureau has created an Emergency Lodging Hotline to provide updates on availability at areas hotels for those searching for a safe place for their family to stay during a natural disaster.

Additional updates and information about Duke’s response to the hurricane will be posted on the DukeALERT website and on the Working@Duke Twitter account.