Firefighting on Central Campus, Behaviors vs. Beliefs, Power of Brainstorming

 November 25, 2019

Fire Training Continues this Week on Central Campus
Durham Fire Department crews are scheduled to be on Duke's Central Campus conducting fire training exercises from Monday, Nov. 25 through Wednesday, Nov. 27. During the controlled burns, individuals in the immediate area may see and smell smoke. The distribution of smoke will depend on weather conditions such as wind and humidity. The Durham Fire Department will be on the scene for the duration of each controlled burn and has taken all appropriate safety precautions.

Diversity & Inclusion: Focus on Behaviors, Not Beliefs
Diversity & Inclusion: Focus on Behaviors, Not Beliefs Diversity and inclusion can become flashpoints for those who feel their beliefs are being challenged. These concepts are part of Duke’s Values, so as a leader putting these values into action can be more impactful for your staff than just talking about them.

Are You Tapping into the Power of Brainstorming?
Brainstorming sessions can be an effective tool for generating creative ideas for a project and solutions to problems. Hear from Duke experts about the best ways to generate thoughts and ideas with your colleagues.