Durham Bike-Share Program

 November 28, 2017

TO:  Vice Presidents, Vice Provosts, Deans, Directors, Department Heads, and Managers
FROM:  Kyle Cavanaugh, Vice President of Administration
RE:  Durham Bike-Share Program

If you are driving around Durham, you may see hundreds of orange and lime green bikes deployed today as part of a new City of Durham bike-share rental program. Inevitably, these bikes will show up on Duke’s campus. Although the bikes are not part of a Duke program, they must abide by existing Duke polices while on campus.

All bicycles, whether personal or part of a bike-share program, must be locked to or stored in the near vicinity of a rack. If a rack is full, cyclists should place the bike next to the rack and out of the way of pedestrians and other traffic. Bikes cannot be randomly parked on campus. For example, bikes left in front of buildings or by trees, handrails, signs or landscape posts may be confiscated. The owner will be fined and charged an impound fee.

We have worked with the licensed vendors and the City to ensure Duke’s requirements also are integrated into the mobile apps of each vendor, so they appear as the rider comes onto campus.

Duke has nearly 3,000 parking spaces for bikes around the university and health system campus. Find racks by going to and clicking “Transportation.”

Duke has been working since August to ease congestion and make sidewalks safer for pedestrians. Over the summer, a bicycle dismount zone was implemented for the blue slate sidewalks on Abele Quad and the pedestrian concourse known as the Bryan Center Plaza. Mopeds and motorcycles are prohibited from these areas.

We are continuing to work with the vendors and the City of Durham to create designated “drop-off/pick-up zones” on Duke’s campus for Durham’s bike-share program. More information will be shared once details have been confirmed. Thank you