Benefits will review Kiel payment requests, monitor the number of hours donated for each recipient and hours submitted for payment, and process approved Kiel payment forms (BW). When a payment form requesting hours for the recipient has been received, Kiel hours may be removed from donors' banks.

For Bi-Weekly and Monthly Employees Payment Forms are submitted directly to payroll vial the Multi-Purpose Iform on Duke@Work for  payment of donated Kiel hours. Benefits will verify if the donated hours are available for use and can support the payment form or pay exception.

Donated hours will be paid to the recipient based on the submitted and approved forms. These donated hours will NOT be keyed in the recipient’s Vacation or PTO balance in SAP or ReportXpress. For the donors, Payroll will adjust the Vacation and PTO balances out of the donor’s record in SAP and ReportXpress. Employee cannot be paid donated hours for days that they would not normally be scheduled.

Vacation and PTO time cannot be accrued on donated Kiel hours; however, time can be accrued during hours worked if receiving Kiel donations on an intermittent basis.