This notification serves as a Summary of Material Modification (“SMM”) to the Duke University Welfare and Fringe Benefits Plan. This SMM modifies and supplements the benefits described in the official Summary Plan Description (SPD) for these plans. If you have any questions about the benefits addressed in this document, contact the Human Resource Information Center at (919) 684-5600 or email

Clarification of Infertility Services provided under the Aetna Duke Select and BCBS Duke Options Plans effective January 1, 2022

  • Infertility Services – Member Copayments, Coinsurance, and Deductible amounts incurred for Infertility Services do not accrue towards the Plans’ Out-of-Pocket Maximums.

If this summary has been delivered to you by electronic means, you have the right to receive a written Summary of Material Modification and may request a copy at no charge by contacting the Plan Administrator. Except as set forth above, all other provisions of the Plan remain unchanged.