People find all kinds of excuses not to workout. They're too busy, too tired or too uninspired to get out and move. Here are some reasons to maintain your regimen:

For your health — Running and walking are great ways to exercise your mind and body. A good workout increases energy levels, decreases stress and leaves you feeling refreshed and upbeat. Cardiovascular exercise like running and walking also boosts your metabolism, enhances your overall fitness and strengthens your legs.

Benefits of running and walking — Besides the obvious physical benefits of running and walking, there are many emotional and psychological benefits as well. Physical activity reduces stress, improves mood, and leaves you feeling refreshed and with a positive and upbeat attitude. Running and walking in the great outdoors is also a great way to escape the desk and get some fresh air. Making a run or walk part of your daily lifestyle can promote positive mental and physical health for the rest of your life.

Training for an event — Running or walking without a clearly defined goal can be frustrating, but have no fear; a goal can provide motivation quickly and easily. If you have a competitive streak, sign up for a 5k or 10k and start to train for that. As you train and see your times improve, these positive results will only encourage you to run more, and could lead to bigger races down the road.

Bring a buddy — Although some may enjoy the alone time they get on a long run or walk, others see it as a pitfall. Bring your spouse, neighbor, co-worker or whoever you can grab and get them to run or walk with you. This is a great way to maintain your schedule. Having a friend with you not only increases your chances of maintaining your workout, but you will likely workout harder since you have someone to motivate you, and vise versa.

Set a goal