Duke Campus Farm

The Duke Mobile Market is a weekly pre-subscription market that brings farm-fresh produce and other goods to convenient pick-up locations across Duke's main campus. It is a form of "community-supported agriculture" (CSA) that works when a customer pre-purchases a weekly "share" of items from a farm.

Farmers use the term Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) to describe the program where a variety of fruits, vegetables, and other local products are hand-selected, individually boxed, and delivered from the field to those individuals who have pre-subscribed for the farm share.

Our program connects employees to local farms so you can have weekly boxes of fresh produce delivered conveniently to your home or workplace for pick-up. If you wish to enroll in the Mobile Market program, please follow the Sign-Up instructions listed below.

How to Sign Up for a Mobile Market CSA

Signing up is easy and takes three simple steps:

  1. Browse our list of participating Mobile Market farmers.
  2. Once you have found a farm you wish to support, visit their website for a registration form that will include detailed information on how to sign-up.
  3. Send your payment with your form directly to the farmer or vendor. If you have any questions, call or e-mail the farmer or vendor directly.

Why Choose the Duke Mobile Market?

  • PROVIDES reliable and reasonably priced source of diverse, fresh, high-quality, local, and often organic produce to Duke Faculty and Staff
  • CONNECTS employees to farmers who bring fresh produce straight from the fields directly to their home
  • GIVES growers a guaranteed way to sell what the farm produces at a fair price
  • BUILDS local rural community's economy by keeping food purchases close to home
  • SUPPORTS traditional North Carolina farmers as they transition to environmentally sustainable and organic production methods

What's in a Box?

CSA boxes offer a variety of produce. See samples of what you might get in your box!


If you have additional questions about the mobile market or if you are interested in the option to establish customized CSA delivery to your home, please contact Sara Cathey (