Associate Director, Organization & Workforce Development

Years at Duke: 6

How does the work that you do add value for individuals, teams and organizations?

The value of consulting intervention is that inherent in the process is the potential to tap into latent talent. It has been my experience that working at the micro level of departments offers a richer opportunity to explore ongoing utility of content. Departments that support team development yield benefits for individuals that position individuals to enhance team performance and ultimately, organizational performance.

How do you help clients explore development opportunities beyond what they have in mind?

By listening to the need. My approach is to see the value of what is being requested and to get curious about where that request is emanating from. Often, clients have experienced or heard about a particular framework, model or tool, and what they may not have had is an opportunity to consider the technologies in the context of other variables. As we explore the concern broadly, other mediating and moderating variables may surface, and the conversation may begin to trend towards another framework, model or tool that may provide better utility.