Payments Related to Obtaining Travel Documentation Policy

Policy Statement

Using University direct pay and reimbursement practices, Duke will pay for costs associated with obtaining the necessary visa and/or permit that may be required when the employee is sent by Duke to enter and/or live and work in a foreign country. These payments/reimbursements are not taxable to the employee. Costs associated with travel documentation for accompanying dependents are the responsibility of the individual employee.

Policy Details

More than 193 countries offer travel visas based on a traveler’s citizenship, duration of time to be spent in the destination country and the purpose of the traveler’s visit. Visas vary from a stamp provided at the port of entry to a governmental document that authorizes a traveler to be in the country s/he is visiting. In some instances special permission to live and work in a country is also required. Depending on the complexity and the expected processing time, the services of a qualified immigration expert or visa expediting provider may be necessary.

When the international assignment is directed by Duke (this does not include sabbaticals), any fees associated with securing the appropriate entry visa to include travel to an embassy/consulate, photographs, mailing, visa expediting and fees imposed by the embassy or consulate will be paid by Duke for the employee. Payments will be either directly made via procurement card, purchase order or via reimbursement of receipts, given the employee has prior authorization and documentation from their management center or dean. Passport fees to include renewal, adding pages or securing a second passport are customarily the responsibility of the traveler. Faculty discretionary funds can be used to pay for passport renewal, adding pages or securing a second passport. The costs of passport(s), entry visa fees, work or residency permits for accompanying dependents of an employee who will travel abroad remain the responsibility of the employee.

Further information regarding the process to obtain the necessary foreign visa and work permit is available from

Policy Number: 11.03


Issued Date

April 5, 2015


International Policy