Duke values its staff and strives to provide safe work and a safe work environment. The health and safety of every staff member, patient, student, visitor, and the environment are primary considerations in Duke's continuous efforts to eliminate or reduce conditions and behaviors that could result in injuries or illnesses. Duke is committed to the principle that such a safety culture will help maintain staff member health, increase productivity, minimize lost work time, and reduce costs.

Duke also encourages its staff to maintain and maximize their health because doing so improves personal well-being, reduces health care costs, and enhances overall work performance. Duke provides low cost and no cost services through LIVE FOR LIFE®, Duke’s employee health promotion program.

As part of its health and wellness services, Duke also offers staff a confidential employee assistance program, Personal Assistance Service, that provides a confidential assessment of the problem or difficulty and gives short-term counseling and referral to staff and their immediate family members at no cost.

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