Duke staff can take time away from work for a variety of reasons including personal, family, community, as well as other non-work related interests and obligations. While staff are encouraged to use their accrued time off at their discretion, leave time must be scheduled and approved in advance by their supervisor to support the work of the department and colleagues.

Careful consideration must be given to balancing a staff member’s personal needs and the operating needs of the staff member’s department or unit. If a staff member is scheduled to work, he or she is expected to make all necessary arrangements to be at work for his or her full shift.

Supervisors have the responsibility for scheduling time off, and both the supervisor and staff member are responsible for managing attendance. If a staff member is unable to report to work because of illness or other unavoidable causes, he or she must notify a supervisor ahead of time by following department operating guidelines. This will provide supervisors the necessary time to adjust the department’s or unit’s work assignments for that day.

Each entity, school, and department establishes guidelines and procedures regarding attendance, scheduled or unscheduled time off, tardiness, and notification procedures. Supervisors must ensure that staff are familiar with the department’s or unit’s expectations and procedures. Attendance is also an important measure of a staff member’s job performance and may be a factor in the performance reviews, pay increases, promotions, and/or corrective actions.

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