Define the ideal candidate qualifications and critical success factors

A close review of the competencies and responsibilities you outlined in the job description in Step 1 will help you determine the critical qualifications for a candidate.

Also consider the following in developing your candidate profile:

  • Values and goals
  • Education
  • Work experience
  • Skills
  • Personal traits

Values and Goals

Alignment between the institution’s values and goals and a candidate’s values and goals is an important component of working effectively at Duke.

Duke's organizational values and goals are defined in Duke's Values of respect, trust, inclusion, discovery, and excellence. Use these values as a guide in preparing behavioral-based interview and reference questions.

Appropriate questions will help assess how closely Duke and a particular candidate match. Selecting the candidate who best matches the job description and the core values of Duke will lead to higher productivity and increased retention.

Ask your recruiter for help developing behavioral-based questions that will assess the candidate’s experience with and commitment to Duke's Values.

Sample Versions

Download sample documents under Tools & Templates to create your own personalized version of recruiting letters, forms, and candidate assessment tools.

Tools & Templates