ART - Advancing Recruitment and Retention Together

What is ART?

ART stands for Advancing Recruitment & Retention Together, a multi-year journey of improving our recruitment and retention strategies and processes to make every applicant’s, manager’s and employee’s experience the best it can be. The initiative started in 2016 with an evaluation of Duke’s recruitment processes and a project plan to address opportunities for improvement. ART aligns with the People & Environment Goals from Duke Health’s Strategic Plan, Advancing Health Together: “Recruit and retain outstanding people and foster career growth for everyone.”

Why is ART starting with DUHS Nursing?

While ART will eventually be launched in all areas of recruitment, Phase 1.0  will focus  on redesigning and improving recruitment processes for DUHS clinical nursing and support positions. Nurses represent the largest patient-facing employee population at DUHS, and can therefore have the greatest impact on our ability to deliver the best care for our patients and their loved ones.

What will be different because of ART?

The major differences that ART will bring to recruiting and retention are:

  • Hiring additional recruiting staff and developing the talents of existing staff.
  • Implementing talent sourcing strategies to increase the candidate pool of experienced nurses.
  • Improving processes, communications and service delivery to candidates and hiring managers.
  • Ensuring consistency in processes and procedures among recruitment departments across the health system.
  • Continuing to invest in our staff through initiatives such as the Nurse Loan Forgiveness Program, the RN Tuition Assistance Program, and the NP/PA Tuition Assistance Program.
  • Implementing strategies to address nurses’ feedback in the areas of leadership, staffing, recognition, professional development and work culture. 

What changes will occur in 2017?

The three major areas of change for 2017 are:

  • Optimized Structure: a restructuring of nurse recruiting  and implementation of consistent staffing processes.
  • Candidate Experience: improvements to the hiring manager and candidate experiences with appropriate touch points throughout the process.
  • Recruiting and Marketing: launch of a new external career site for candidates and an internal HR website with information for managers and staff.

How will nursing hiring managers be impacted?

The recruitment staff will have more communication with hiring managers throughout the hiring process, with a systematic and formal plan for regular communications. Formal service level agreements will be implemented to build strong partnerships across the health system Additionally, two recruiters will be on-site at each of the 3 hospitals.

How will non-nursing hiring managers be impacted?

Phase 1.0 will not directly impact the business process that non-nursing hiring managers currently use.

How will recruiters be impacted?

The organizational structure for recruiters will change, to leverage the talents of existing staff and add new roles and resources to meet current and future hiring demands.

How will candidates be impacted?

Candidates will have more communication with recruiters, more timely feedback on their application, and a single point of contact in the recruitment organization for positions in all DUHS entities. Job descriptions will be well designed and attractive to job seekers, housed in a mobile-friendly and innovative job application platform.

How will employees be impacted?

ART will focus on improving employee programs that develop our employees by investing in them, building on their strengths, and providing opportunities for continuous learning. Strategic communications will also be targeted for improvement to make sure each employee feels informed, confident, and included at Duke.

Does ART represent a permanent change to the organization or is it just a temporary program?

ART is a multi-year initiative to improve our recruitment and retention strategies and processes. While the initiative itself will come to an end after the objectives are met and the changes are implemented, the improvements that ART will bring to the organization will be permanent.