ART - Advancing Recruitment and Retention Together

What is ART?

ART - Advancing Recruitment and Retention Together 7
ART - Advancing Recruitment and Retention Together 11

DUHS is well known for having the best, brightest, and most passionate staff and providers. In order to build on this legacy and navigate anticipated changes to available talent, DUHS is embarking on an exciting transition of improving recruitment and retention strategies and processes. We have named our journey ART – Advancing Recruitment & Retention Together.

A recent study revealed that we have an opportunity to improve our approaches for recruiting top talent. And, high quality recruitment processes typically translate to an ability to retain our best talent. While ART will eventually be launched in all areas of recruitment, it will focus initially on redesigning and improving recruitment processes for DUHS clinical nursing and support staff positions.

ART is a multi-year journey that will focus on the following activities:

  • Hiring additional recruiting staff and optimizing the talents of existing staff.
  • Implementing strategies to increase the candidate pool of experienced nurses.
  • Improving processes, communications and service delivery to candidates and hiring managers.
  • Ensuring consistency in processes and procedures among recruitment departments across the health system.
  • Continuing to invest in our staff through initiatives such as the Nurse Loan Forgiveness Program, the RN Tuition Assistance Program, and the NP/PA Tuition Assistance Program.
  • Implementing strategies to address nurses’ feedback in the areas of leadership, staffing, recognition, professional development and work culture. 

Leading Phase 1.0 of the ART initiative for DUHS Nursing are Dr. Mary Ann Fuchs, Vice President of Patient Care and System Chief Nurse Executive; Rhonda Brandon, DUHS Chief Human Resources Officer; Sylvia Alston, ACNO-Recruitment & Hospital Administrative Systems; and Gina Goodson-Allen, System Director of Nursing Recruitment and Retention.

A Working Group has collaborated with senior nursing leadership to collect data and understand recruitment needs and areas for improvement.

A Steering Committee provides direction, insight and guidance for the project.

Ultimately, ART will work to make every applicant’s, manager’s and employee’s experience the best it can be.

Look for more information in the coming months, and be sure to visit this website for updates. Click here for FAQs, and contact with additional questions.