Needs Improvement (NI)

  • Individuals who are new in the learning curve and have not mastered key job responsibilities
  • Inconsistently demonstrates or may be learning the required role knowledge and does not yet fully perform all requirements and duties
  • Work is regularly incomplete and/or does not meet the minimal standards for quantity or quality; often misses deadlines
  • Takes little to no initiative, even with prompting
  • Requires more than the expected level of supervision due to lower quality work or level of learning required to complete role successfully
  • Inconsistent interactions with peers and/or management

Successful (S)

  • Individuals who regularly meet and sometimes exceed expectations and role requirements
  • Meets goals set for the year
  • Possesses full depth and breadth of role knowledge
  • Perceived by peers, managers, students and other customers as collaborative, skilled and reliable
  • Consistently interacts effectively with peers and/or management

Exceptional (E)

  • Individuals who significantly and consistently exceed expectations and role requirements
  • Exceeds goals set for the year
  • Demonstrates exceptional depth and breadth of role knowledge, highly recognized by others within the University community
  • Demonstrates role model behavior for other supervisors/staff members to emulate