Communication is one of a manager's most important roles. It is the manager's role to help staff understand organizational changes, the context for change and how it affects them. Before working with individuals to establish goals and development opportunities, be sure to provide context for the new Pay & Performance program to staff understand the Big Picture.

Below are resources to help managers communicate the new Pay & Performance program in a staff meeting or other forum.

Staff Briefing Presentation (with speaker notes)
A short PowerPoint presentation that provides an overview of the Pay & Performance program and the new Performance Evaluation and Planning (PEP) form. The presentation includes speaker notes to help managers prepare to make the presentation. If you do not have Microsoft PowerPoint installed on your computer, please use the web-based Self-Guided Tour.

This Acrobat Reader PDF document includes common questions and answers that staff may have about the new Pay & Performance program. Managers can use this document to prepare themselves for questions from staff or distribute it to staff following a presentation on the topic. A more comprehensive Q&A including issues managers may questions about is available under the online FAQ.

Overview Handout
This two-page Acrobat Reader PDF document provides a quick overview of the new Pay & Performance program and can be distributed to staff as a walk-away reference following a presentation on the topic.