Thoughtful preparation in onboarding your new or transferring employee is essential in order to provide a clear roadmap of activities and resources to promote a great start.  You want to ensure that everything is in place and ready for their first day.  Remember, you only have one opportunity to create a great first impression!

The following are recommended strategies and actions to use before the new or transferring employee’s arrives on their first day.  For a comprehensive list of specific actions to take during this phase, please go to the Onboarding Checklist.

ActionPrior to AcceptanceUpon AcceptancePrior to Day One
Review and customize the Onboarding ChecklistX  
Select a Buddy X 
Initiate Checklist X 
Assemble and mail Welcome letter/packet X 
Make formal announcements
  • Email
  • Meetings
Workplace set up  X
Schedule training  X
Buddy contacts new hire/transferee  X

"Those companies that understand the long-term significance of a successfully onboarded and fully engaged employee are also realizing the impact on the bottom line."

— Onboarding, An Early Engagement Checklist O.C. Tanner (2008)