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Children's Tuition Grant Program Application

The Children's Tuition Grant maximum benefit amount is based on the undergraduate tuition amount set for Duke University, and is subject to change at any time should the amount of Duke's tuition change.

The grant amount and the deductible for the Duke Children's Tuition Grant Program for the 2022/23 academic year are as follows:

Academic Year: July 1 thru June 30
Deductible for 2022/2023 Academic Year: $3,510.00 per semester
$1,755.00 per quarter
$2,340.00 per trimester
Maximum Tuition Grant Payment for 2022/23 Academic Year: $22,663 per semester, $45,326 per academic year

For more information, please see Children's Tuition Grant: How to Apply.

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Apply online at Duke@Work
(MyInfo tab >> "Children's Tuition Grant Application" link in the My Benefits section)


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