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Communicating with Diplomacy & Tact II


Donald Shortslef, Sr. L&OD Consultant

For employees of Duke University and DUHS Continuing Education Credits (CEUs): 0.3 PRE-REQUISITE: Please note that you must have successfully completed Communicating with Diplomacy & Tact 1 prior to attending this course. If you have not completed Communicating w/ Diplomacy & Tact I, you can register by clicking here. Research shows that the most effective communication techniques can influence others at all levels. Building from the concepts of Communicating with Diplomacy and Tact I, learn advanced skills that utilize emotional intelligence, social intelligence, the art of influence, and techniques for handling difficult conversations.


L&OD - Communicating with Diplomacy & Tact 2, Teaching & Classroom Learning, Training, Workshop/Short Course