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CliftonStrengths: Discover Your Greatest Talent!


Joy Birmingham, Associate Director; L&OD

For employees of Duke University and DUHS. Continuing Education Credits (CEUs): 0.3 Use the CliftonStrengths Assessment to Discover & Develop Your Greatest Talents! It only takes 177 questions to uncover the one true you, but it takes commitment to become the best you. Complete the CliftonStrengths assessment to unlock the personalized reports and resources you need to maximize your potential. CliftonStrengths assessment results, will explain exactly how each of your Signature Themes makes you stand out in the world. The pinpoint accuracy will leave you inspired and empowered with a newfound self-awareness.


L&OD - CliftonStrengths: Discover Your Greatest Talent, Leadership, Teaching & Classroom Learning, Training, Workshop/Short Course