The MyPay section is where you can view your online pay statement and W-2 tax statement, as well as review and update your W-4 and NC-4 tax witholding elections and the bank account used for direct deposit.


Employees who are US residents for tax purposes claiming exemption from Federal and North Carolina State withholding must renew W-4 and NC-4 forms on an annual basis. The federal W-4 form for calendar year 2022 expires February 15, 2023 and the North Carolina State NC-4 form expires December 31, 2022.

Employee Pay Dates

Faculty and staff can find pay dates at the Pay Schedules website.

Pay Schedules

2024 OASDI Limit

The annual OASDI taxable gross maximum has increased to $168,800 for calendar year 2024. As a reminder, this is reset on an annual basis. OASDI taxes restart in January of each year. The annual OASDI tax limit has changed to $10,453.20.

Step by Step Guides

Steps for Making Tax Changes Using Duke@Work
To update your W-4 and NC-4 tax withholding elections, go to the My Pay link on the My Info page at Duke@Work.

Steps for Setting-up/Changing Direct Deposit Using Duke@Work
To set-up/update your direct deposit information, go to the My Pay link on the My Info page at Duke@Work. Please note — you cannot cancel direct deposit via Duke@Work.

MyPay Frequently Asked Questions

Can I claim "exempt" on my W-4 and NC-4?

If you are choosing to claim "exempt" on your W-4 and/or NC-4, you must complete a paper copy of each form. The forms can be found online at the Payroll web site. Once completed, please mail or deliver forms to Corporate Payroll Service, 705 Broad Street, Room 101.

I receive a live check not direct deposit. Can I see my pay statement online?

Yes, you will be able to see your pay statement online on the day prior to pay day; however checks will not be distributed until payday.

How many months will pay statements be available for viewing?

You will be able to view and print pay statements issued since August, 2002.

I can see my pay statement the day before payday, does that mean the funds are available in my bank account if I have direct deposit?

No. Funds directly deposited into your account will not be available until pay day.

If I transfer payroll areas (e.g., from a bi-weekly paid position to monthly paid position), what paycheck will I see?

Your pay statement will reflect the most recent position as of the payroll deadline.

What happens if I frequently change my tax exemptions?

The exemption that will be reflected in your pay statement will be the last change you entered into the system, before the Self Service web site was locked in order for Corporate Payroll Services to execute a payroll.

Can I print my pay statement?

Yes. You can print your pay statement just as it will appear on your direct deposit voucher and live check.

I have stopped receiving paper pay statements, but now need an "official" copy of my pay statement, what do I need to do?

Visit Corporate Payroll Services at 705 Broad Street and complete a form to request pay statements from previous pay periods. Please note there is a $3.00 charge for copies and it will take three business days to process your request.

How do I know how many exemptions to claim on my W-4 or NC-4 tax forms?

For information regarding tax exemptions, please visit the Internal Revenue Service website or the North Carolina Department of Revenue website.

Questions or Feedback?

Please contact Corporate Payroll Services at (919) 684-2642 or