Value of Health Insurance, Real ID, Leadership Skills

 July 2, 2018

How Has Health Insurance Made a Difference for You or a Loved One?
Duke’s health insurance is commonly cited as one of the most valued benefits because the impact it can make in someone’s life when the unexpected happens. If that describes you, we want to hear your story.

Get Real!
Soon, you will need a new Real ID issued if you plan to fly domestically. And if you think the line at the Department of Motor Vehicles is long now, wait until 4 million people show up to get one. That’s how many residents the DMV says need to obtain a Real ID, which features tougher security standards, in order to fly domestically beginning in 2020. Don’t wait for the lines. Make an appointment today.

Can You Learn Leadership Skills?
It’s time to think about your own professional development, but can leadership skill be learned or are they based on a natural aptitude in certain people. Learn more in the latest issue of the Personal Assistance Service Supervisor Newsletter. 

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