Upcoming Changes to Registration for University New Hire Orientation

 June 9, 2023

TO:Vice Presidents, Vice Provosts, Deans, Directors, Department Heads, and Managers
FROM:Keisha Williams, Assistant Vice President, Learning & Organization Development
RE:Upcoming Changes to Registration for University New Hire Orientation

The registration for New Hire Orientation for university staff members will move to the Learning Management System (LMS) effective Wednesday, July 19, 2023. This change will require the new employee to have a NetID to register for the orientation session.

WHEN: Orientation dates for the remainder of 2023 are currently available for enrollment in the LMS. The last orientation date for which you can use the current webform is July 18. You will need registrar credentials in the LMS to enroll staff members in new hire orientation.

TAKE ACTION: If you or someone on your team registers new staff for University New Hire Orientation, even if it’s once a year, please request Registrar’s Access by sending an email to with the subject line of “Registrar access for University New Hire Orientation (campus only)” to ensure you have registrar credentials. Click here to access our easy, step-by-step instructions for your convenience, but you’ll still need those credentials.

Thank you for your assistance with this very important process. Contact Marjorie Siegert for non-technical questions. Please share this information with all individuals who register staff for New Hire Orientation.


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