Open Enrollment, Stretching Professionally, Smoke-Free Policy

 October 22, 2018

Open Enrollment for 2019 Benefits Begins Today
Encourage your faculty and staff to take time and review their options for health, dental, vision, and reimbursement benefits for 2019. The open enrollment period is the only time you can enroll or make changes outside of a qualifying life event.

Tips for Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone
By embracing the unfamiliar, you can expand your skills, grow professional, and become a more effective supervisor. These tips can help you venture out of your comfort zone.

How You Can Help Smokers Comply with the Smoke-Free Policy
If you have employees who smoke, be sure they know about Duke’s Smoke-Free Policy that will go into effect in July 2020. You can find helpful resources to talk with your employees on the Healthy Duke website.

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