Mental Health, Secret to Engagement, Appreciation Tips, Survivor Benefit

 May 8, 2017

Have Questions about Mental, Emotional Health Support?
Knowing if and when to intervene if you suspect an employee may need to some support in dealing with mental or emotional health issues, can be tricky. Learn tips on how to make a referral to Personal Assistance Service in the latest issue of the PAS Supervisory Newsletter.

The Secret to Bolstering Staff Engagement, Satisfaction, and Retention
As a supervisor, you have the key to unlock the secret to influencing your staff members’ perception about the value of working at Duke. Now’s the time to use it.

Tips to Show Your Appreciation
May is Duke Appreciation month, a special time we set aside each year to express our thanks to faculty and staff who help make Duke the excellent institution it is. Take time to show your appreciation for your staff with these helpful tips.

Do You Know About Duke’s Survivor Benefit?
Duke offers a survivor benefit to the spouse or estate of a staff member who passes while employed at Duke. If you know of anyone who has received the benefit, Working@Duke would like to talk with them as part of an article to help raise awareness about the benefit.

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