How to Capture Worked Hours and/or Check Balances

Standard Procedure, Badge Reader: Biweekly employees badge in and out at their workplace at the beginning and ending of each shift. Salaried or monthly paid employees badge in one time during their work day at Duke.

  1. Swipe badge
  2. Look for the green light and listen for a single beep
  3. Go to work (if starting shift): Go home (if ending shift)
  4. If red light and multiple beeps occur, attempt to swipe one more time. If these two occurrences continue, notify your manager.

If you work in more than one area
If you begin your day in one area and float to another, you should:

  1. You must have an "in" and "out" swipe for your primary area and an "in" and "out" swipe for your float area.
  2. Badge in at your primary workplace
  3. When you are assigned to a different area, report to the float area and badge in again.
  4. When the badge reader shows "Special Code" press Enter
  5. When the badge reader shows "Cost Center Number" enter the four digit number of the float department (it will be located next to the badge reader) and press enter
  6. When the badge reader shows "Enter Facility Number" press Enter
  7. When the badge reader shows "Data was accepted" you are signed in

Special Circumstances

Time and Attendance is set up to easily record certain types of special circumstances. If any of these apply to you, simply enter the function key or numeric code after swiping your badge (for badge readers) or hearing the current time (for employees who phone in).

Badge Reader Hot Keys

FunctionHot Key
PTO Fill (Used to "Fill in your hours with PTO hours if you do not work your full shift)10
Standby Called Back07
Mandatory Continuing Education09

Numeric Codes

FunctionHot Key
Extended Shift01
Indirect (Meetings)02
Inconvenience Pay04
Out of Position05
Emergency Called Back06
Standby Called Back07
Continuing Education08
Mandatory Continuing Education09
PTO Fill10
Dress Time13

Using the Phone: Not all locations will have badge readers. If your work area does not have a badge reader, you will use the automated phone system to capture your hours.

  1. Dial 681-1011 (1-888-838-5100 toll free)
  2. Enter employee number and press # key
  3. Enter pin number and press # key
  4. To badge in or out, press 1
  5. After hearing current time, press # key before hanging up the phone

[To hear PTO balances press 3 after the prompt. To hear hours worked press 4]

If you are outside the local calling area and have permissions to input worked time via the phone the toll free number is 1-888-838-5100. You may also use this number to check PTO balances form outside the local area.

Your manager will let you know whether you may use any phone for calling in hours, or whether you should use a designated phone in the workplace. Your employee unique ID is the 6-7 digit number on the back of your ID badge (you do not need to enter the leading zeroes when entering your employee number). Your PIN number is a four digit number created using your birth month and date. Employees born in January through September must enter the leading zero for their PIN numbers (i.e. January 1 is 0101, October 1 is 1001).

Using the computer

All employees are able to use the Internet to view their own timecards in order to check hours worked or review PTO balances. Some employees are given the privilege to sign in and out via the Internet. Your manager will let you know if this applies to you. The web address for these functions is:

Again you will be asked to enter your ID and PIN numbers before actual access is granted. If you are checking you own timecard, DO NOT click in the Quick Badge Only option. After entering your ID and PIN numbers, click on the Login icon.

Any computer on a Windows operating system used within the institution will allow employees this privilege. If you are checking your timecard from home, make certain that the Internet web browser provided by your server is compatible with the ReportXpress system used by Time and Attendance.

Using the the Adjustment Sheet

Automation cannot capture everything - it only captures the times you badge in when you come to work or leave. There will be times when you need to make notes on the adjustment sheet to clarify your hours. Each department should have an adjustment sheet on the unit to allow you to write in time you may miss at the badge reader. Find out from your manager where the location of the sheet will be on your unit. For example, if you work through lunch, you must write on the adjustment sheet the date and the message "no lunch" for the manager to approve the time as worked and enter it in the system. If you forget your badge make sure you record both the date and in and out time on the adjustment sheet. Currently all PTO at Duke and Durham Regional Hospital are manually entered from requests on the Adjustment Sheet, Duke Raleigh Hospital has its own automated staffing system that transfers the hours electronically to the Time and Attendance system.