Duke offers a parental leave benefit to support members of the Duke community as they strive to balance their work with the wonderful but challenging role of becoming parents, or as their families grow.

Duke provides up to six consecutive weeks of 100% paid parental leave to the eligible parent serving as the primary caregiver following the birth or adoption of a child.

The benefit provides broad coverage that includes either parent, regardless of gender, for both natural birth and adoption. For more information about the benefit, eligibility, applications and definitions, please review the Parental Leave Policy

Application Process

To apply for Paid Parental Leave:

  1. Complete an application for Leave of Absence Request form.
  2. Have your department HR representative submit a Leave of Absence iForm through Duke@Work.

To ensure accurate and timely payment, the employee is responsible for submitting the form to their departmental HR representative who will then forward the Payroll Leave of Absence form to Corporate Payroll (Box 90484, Durham, NC 27708) at least 30 days in advance of the first day of leave. The Paid Parental Leave will run concurrently with the associated Family Medical Leave.

Processing Payment

If you are a payroll clerk, please follow the procedures outlined in the FAQ to process payment for Parental Leave.

Changes - Aug. 3, 2020

Effective Aug. 3, 2020, Duke will provide up to six consecutive weeks of 100% paid parental leave to eligible employees to be used within the first 12 weeks after the birth or placement for adoption of his or her child.

Paid Parental Leave Changes - Aug. 3, 2020