• Any eligible employee may donate their accrued vacation or PTO STB in 4-hour increments. Vacation or PTO not yet accrued may not be donated.
  • Donations cannot exceed 50% of the donating employee's vacation balance (University and Medical Center) or PTO (STB) balance Duke University's Health System.
  • Donations may be made before or during the recipient's period of absence. Donations may not be rescinded in part or whole to donors for any reason. Donations made to a recipient who has applied for disability benefits will not be refunded to donors even if the disability benefit is retroactively approved.
  • Donors may or may not want to specify a particular recipient.
  • Donations will be kept confidential unless the donor has signed a release of confidentiality and requests that their donation is identified.
  • The maximum amount of donations cannot exceed the period of absence for the approved medical event.
  • Vacation or PTO donations will not be transferred from the donor to the recipient until all of the recipient's existing vacation/PTO hours have been exhausted.
  • Benefits will coordinate with Payroll to ensure proper recording of reduction in accrued vacation/STB balances and payment to the recipient.
  • Donated hours can only be used after the end of the recipient's four week absence and after paid time off has been exhausted.

How Do I Donate?

To donate to the Kiel Program, a donor must complete a Vacation or PTO Donation Form.  The Donor Form is submitted to the donor's supervisor, who forwards it to Duke Benefits.

Important Timelines

For processing of applications, donations, and payment of donations please see the Documentation Processing Schedules.