Enroll in Your Duke 403(b) Retirement Plan

The Faculty and Staff Retirement Plan enables you to make voluntary contributions to your retirement on a pre-tax basis, Roth after-tax basis, or a combination of both. You may contribute up to the IRS contribution limit. Enroll in the 403(b) Plan through Duke@Work.

Before you decide to enroll in the plan you only need to make a few key decisions.

Making Changes

You may change the amount of your 403(b) contribution once per pay period. View pay schedule dates

You may change your beneficiaries or change the funds in which you invest as often as you like by contacting Fidelity directly at www.Fidelity.com/duke or (800) 343-0860.

Your Default Investment Options

If you have a payroll deduction set up to contribute or will start receiving Duke’s contributions but do not make investment elections, then your contributions will be invested at Fidelity in a Target Retirement Fund based on your age.

Vesting of Duke's Contribution

Vesting means ownership of the market value of your account. You are always 100% vested in your own voluntary contributions. Vesting only applies to Duke's contribution. Once you are vested, you have an irrevocable right to the amount of the Duke contribution in your account adjusted for gains or losses.

Transfer Funds

How to transfer funds between investment carriers.

Withdrawals and Loans

How to request a withdrawal or loan from your investment carrier.