Step 1: Review Your Benefits

A summary of the benefits offered under the vision care plan are available on the Vision Care Plan Chart.

Step 2: Find a Provider

You may locate a UnitedHealthcare Vision network provider by logging on to or by calling UnitedHealthcare Vision at 1-800-638-3120. You may also choose to use an out-of-network provider and still receive benefits under the plan. Details about submitting an out-of-network claim are included in the Duke Vision Plan Claim Form.

Step 3: Schedule Your Appointment

Always identify yourself as a UnitedHealthcare Vision participant when making an appointment with a UnitedHealthcare Vision provider. This will assist your provider in obtaining a claim authorization number before your visit. Provide the primary insured's vision identification number (the vision identification number is the insured's Duke Unique ID number (How do I find my Duke Unique ID?) plus leading zeroes for a total of a nine digit number), patient's name, and patient's date of birth.

Step 4: Your Eye Exam

The network provider, a state-licensed optometrist or ophthalmologist, will perform a complete eye examination, which includes a case history of the patient, an examination for eye pathology and abnormalities, visual analysis (refraction), diagnosis and prescription, and visual skill testing.

Step 5: Your Eyewear

If prescription eyewear is necessary, your UnitedHealthcare Vision provider will assist with your selection and order your prescription. Your UnitedHealthcare Vision provider will telephone you when your eyewear arrives. Eyewear is dispensed at the provider's office to ensure optical accuracy and proper fit.

Login Instructions

UnitedHealthcare Vision does not issue identification cards to enrolled members. However, you may print a personalized ID card by completing the User information at and selecting "Print ID card" from the Member Web Portal page. For more information about obtaining an ID card, view this information sheet:

Obtaining a Vision Insurance ID Card