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The Tranquility Company

1415 West NC 54, Bldg 200, Ste 113
Durham, NC


The Tranquility Company is dedicated to providing the most client-centered experience possible. To us, that means putting your needs first, and designing a treatment plan that reflects who you are and where you are in life. We specialize in massage and bodywork, therapeutic stretching, movement education, and self-care practices that help you live your biggest life. Our specializations differentiate us from the spas and the pain clinics alike; we are a balance of the spectrum and an excellent complement to your physical therapy, chiropractic, and functional fitness teams. To us, you are a whole person and not simply a cervical strain, lumbar spine fusion, or weak knee; you are a whole person in need of relief from the everyday stresses of life. We get it. We offer 10% off individual appointments for Duke employees with valid ID, as well as packages at a discounted rate. Contact us for more information.

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