The supervisor/manager approval must be granted prior to requesting reimbursement and within 90 days of the last day of class. Step-by-step instructions for managers reviewing and approving ETAP applications in Duke@Work are available here.

By approving the employee's application through the iForms workflow in Duke@Work, the supervisor/manager agrees to notify HR-Benefits immediately via email at when the employee gives notice of termination. There is a retention policy for this program. If an email notification is not sent, then the department’s fund code may be charged, with advanced notice, for employees who voluntarily leave before the end of the retention period without fulfilling the repayment provision. A warning message on the Termination iForm will also alert the department to email Duke Benefits when an ETAP participant gives notice.

Additionally, all managers and supervisors are able to view the total amount reimbursed, as of today, of any employee in their organizational unit who has utilized/is utilizing the Employee Tuition Assistance Program, as well as, the repayment amount should the employee terminate today. To access this information, go to iForms>Reporting>HR Reports>ETAP Utilization Report>Execute.

Note about Transfers: If the employee transfers to another department, it is the approving department's responsibility to inform the hiring manager that they have assumed the responsibility of notifying HR-Benefits immediately when this employee gives notice of termination. Otherwise, the approving department retains accountability and will be responsible for repayment of the benefit, if applicable.

Technical assistance with Duke@Work, including how to assign or change a primary approver in the SAP HR System, is available. If you experience any other technical issues, please review the Employee Tuition Assistance FAQs and Instructions for additional information.