All active employees should go to Duke@Work, click the MyInfo tab, and click the "Children's Tuition Grant Application" link in the My Benefits section. Please follow the instructions on the Children's Tuition Grant home page to begin the application process. Please note, a birth certificate is required for a first-time student. In addition, a marriage certificate is required for a stepchild.

Please note: Earlier versions of the application will not be accepted.

Several schools have implemented restrictions related to the release of the information requested on the application. However, this information is needed to determine the grant amount. If the school is restricting the provision of the information, it will be your responsibility to provide appropriate documentation (i.e. financial aid/student award notice, awards/aid on school letterhead, registration statement/receipt) via mail or fax (919-681-8774) to Duke Benefits.

Tuition Grant Examples

Only tuition expenses are eligible for reimbursement. If the scholarship is not designated towards tuition and not greater than room, board, and fees then the scholarship has no impact on payment.

Tuition Grant Examples

Please note that the documentation must specifically identify all financial aid or awards as undesignated or designated for tuition. Any scholarships, grants or other forms of assistance (excluding loans, work study and student or parent payments) that have not been identified will be treated as designated for tuition for purposes of calculating the grant amount.

Questions may be directed to Duke Benefits at Additionally, for eligible retirees and employees currently on approved Duke Long Term Disability, please contact to request a paper application.

Re-certification of your continued eligibility, your child's enrollment, and the school's tuition, room and board, fees and financial aid costs are required each semester.

Receiving Payment

Upon receipt of the completed form, Duke Benefits will determine eligibility, calculate the benefit amount, request that the payment be processed and send a confirmation notice to the e-mail address provided on your application. Payment is generally mailed to the school within 10 business days.

Please contact Duke Benefits if you do not receive a confirmation of payment within 14 days of the school submitting your completed application. Reminder - payments for the fall semester will not be disbursed prior to July 1.

The University reserves the right at any time to change or terminate this benefit or your eligibility for benefits under the plan.